Die Away
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My Everything
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All The Things
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Save All The Words
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Die Away (second version)
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About the Band

Phonoflora was a folk-rock band from Göttingen which existed from 2009-2011. Singer (and songwriter) Corinna, Paul (bass guitar), Ingo (drums) and Alexander (guitar) performed many local gigs at local clubs and the local radio station before entering the studio and recording this small album in 2011. Unfortunately the band split up and the songs remained only on our harddrives (and in our heads). Now I finally found the time to setup this small webpage, so that everyone can enjoy the songs which I still like so much! And - who knows - maybe it might inspire some of us to reunite the band. :-)

Alexander Schlemmer, August 2017



This website is maintained by Alexander Schlemmer, Petrikirchstr. 38, 37077 Göttingen (webmaster@phonoflora.de)

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